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Sacred Spark Studio


My name is Sindarae and I have always been curious and passionate about all things mysterious, soulful, and regenerative. For me, art is the bridge between our imagination and our community.  Art design and color express that for which we cannot find the words. My dear artist friend recently said

"If we could find the words, we would be writers. There are no words for the frequencies

of color that emerge from our hearts and flow onto the page." 

My workshops are especially interesting to those artists who are searching for a way to reconnect to other wise women and find a spark to re-ignite their cycle of unique creativity.

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Not Tarot, but small bits of wisdom from my heart to yours. Everyone loves a good
deck of cards to explore, journal with and listen to the new directions they may send us on. This is a way I can write and paint
at the same time. Also explore the wonderful world of DECKIBLE where decks are like Audible is for books. Search for my name there and feel free to play with my deck online. There are more ;than 400 there now to choose from. 

Sacred Spark Studio

How We Got Our Start

 Sacred Spark Studio was born from a dream and desire for building art community around the world.

Offerings include workshops online or in the Caribe of Mexico. Collaborations are always in my mind for connecting the creative fire through networks with others wherever they may be.   You will see classes listed as other artists join their collective fire together in a heartfelt network. 

Check here often for a list of offerings. 

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Heart Fire

Galleria Jaguar

Sacred Waterworks

::My name is Sindarae Wood. My art is driven by many visions and dreams. I work across many media and enjoy creating a wide spectrum of subjects, always colorful. My passion for art stems from realizing I could heal through my work.  I heal myself, and others at the same time. We are all connected. The lines between reality and imagination began to blur and I found that I could transcend boundaries and travel wherever I was called in the world to serve whomever needed me in the moment. 

::My favorite materials right now are acrylic paints, inks, handmade papers and anything that is water soluble or can be printed on my gelli plate. These are my passion because they have a high pigment and carry color that I need in the moment. I love to paint 'the field' around me and spray it down and walk away. Letting colors move and melt is my joy.   Color is a healing frequency for everyone. 

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Wisdom Decks

Be a Honeycrone

Newest Wisdom Cards

A treasure trove of wisdom gleaned from the compassionate crones heart. Her wisdom is soft but her heart means deep business in its words.

Other Artist
Wisdom Decks you may love


Juicy Jaguar  or
URBAN LEOPARD?  - you choose


Check out Deckible

for the newest technology of 

digital decks to carry with you on your phone......

I couldn't believe
my eyes when I saw my retreat leader handing out cookies with these two pictures of my art on them....Apple Spice cookies with a GORGEOUS work of art on the frosting..
:: 2 inches square ::
Little Masterpieces to say the least....
Visit the Link
and order something for yourself...
not my designs...
YOUR OWN for Christmas or any other event, would be astounding 

Art you can

I was going to show you a picture of the real cookies...BUT my granddaughter ate them and said they were absolutely delicious

AND YES I am ordering more

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